Macau is a significant landmark in the modern history of China. She has always been a gateway city where East and West blend or clash. It also embodies the first footprint of Christianity in China and signifies its advancement on this land. In His appointed time, Macau opened the gate for the King of Glory and prepared a way for the Gospel in China. Since the very beginning, Macau is destined to prepare herself to fulfill Father God’s heart for the Greater China.

Due to historical reasons, Macau was once ceded and separated from her roots. Yet just as Joseph concluded, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20) Such temporal separation allowed Macau to become an incubator for the gospel in China. Macau was the first to receive the Jesuits 400 years ago, and to welcome Robert Morrison more than 200 years ago. She kept the pure seed of gospel and spreaded it to the vast land of China.

Being born and raised in Macau, we believe God’s heart for this tiny land never changed. From human perspectives, Macau is now known as “Las Vegas of the East.” But God’s intension remains to be good, and Macau will accomplish much for the days to come! As sons of Father God in Macau, we will remain faithful to each and every promise that He has for this city, till we see it all come to pass!

Since 2006, we have persisted on this Chinese Homecoming Journey for over 10 years. Together, we wept, laughed, travailed, cried out, repented, and experienced breakthroughs with our Greater China family. We long to enter into the destiny of God and witness His glorious work in our midst. In the next 10 years, Macau will remain as an inseparable part and continue to run with this big family. May God’s name be exalted over all the Earth!

Gideon Cheng (Macau)