When I hear the term “Greater China”, these are things that come to my mind: Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau; division and reunion; suffering from wars and pain of separation; broken dreams as well as unceasing controversies. Also, I could easily come up with a list of common descriptions: internal and external national unrest, warhorses and spears, natural disasters and man-made hazards, wandering and drifting, military defenses, vigorous life cycle, peace development, and atmosphere of revival…They all depict our history that is filled with suffering and unyielding spirits.

When I hear the term “Greater China”, I remembered a statement that a famous Chinese writer Bo Yang once said, “We can accommodate great powers and unequal treaties, but not our own countrymen.” It also saddens my heart to think of all the big or small conflicts that happened in recent years.

When I hear the term “Greater China”, I recall something that a leader from Mainland China shared a long time ago. She said, “I once held hands with family from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Though our hands are joined but our hearts are thousands of miles apart! It sure was hard to experience that emotion.”

When I hear the term “Greater China”, I also had a flash back of another instance shared by an overseas Chinese. He said, “The greatest pain of living overseas comes from not knowing where I truly belong.”

When I hear the term “Greater China”, I think of the fifty-six ethnic groups in Mainland China and the thirteen aboriginal groups in Taiwan. I think of Hong Kong. I think of Macau. I think of those who live overseas… I think of wars. I think of pains. I think of forgiveness. I think of reconciliations…

I think of God’s great and mighty work.

Though we had much pains and separations, yet the blood of Christ brought us back together as one again. We have been placed on different lands, but our hearts long to gather, hold hands, embrace, celebrate, and sing as one before our Heavenly Father. ”But the hour cometh, and now is…” May our hearts be filled new desires from the Father. May our longing for unity go beyond the hurt of our history, reach over any national border, and rise above all religious denominations. May our Chinese family truly walk together, into God’s heart and our common destiny!

Ps Zhao (China)