Having lived overseas for a long time, we still remain very Chinese, which is evidently reflected in the dialect we speak, the food we eat, the newspaper we read, even the TV channel we watch. Though our kids may go to Chinese school weekly, they still prefer to speak the local language in order to be identified with the locals. Many of them would not accept the fact that they are Chinese until they get to college. It is only then they would seriously desire to learn Chinese and visit Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Some may even find a job and settle down there.

We are born to be Chinese which is a fact that will not change even if we live overseas. We have obligations to the land that we live on, yet our bloodline will always bind us closely together.

In recent years, God used “Homecoming” to transform and landscape a new Chinese culture in many regions. He made Chinese as one to bring forth blessings to Germany, Japan, Korea and other nations.

Despite our differences in politics, economics, history and culture, we are daughters of Cathy and sons of our Heavenly Father. We all are partakers of His DNA. In Christ, our love for His Kingdom provides a way for God to restore His family in Eden.

When we love one another, it satisfies our Father God’s heart and the Holy Spirit will come to give us strength. As we grow in love, Jesus who paid that tremendous cost on the cross will be comforted. As a result of seeing our love, the world will say, “We are not disappointed God.” Hence, we could carry God’s Kingdom authority to fulfill His great plans of this end time.

Ps Fred Hsu  (The United States)