An invitation letter to 2012 Taiwan Arise Gathering Worship Team

We want you to pray about becoming part of the Home Coming worship team. The heart of the worship is our desire to enter deeper into the presence of the Lord. As we prepare ourselves, if the Holy Spirit takes off, it’s not limiting to the just songs. Our life is an expression of worship, not only in songs. We prepare our hearts as much as we can, then we come and offer.

Every session there is a leader, but all are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it’s not the songs, sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s the silence, sometimes it’s melodies or a hum. Because whilst in the presence of the Lord, people’s spirit are open to the Holy Spirit. Our purpose is not having a time of singing, but how we can go deeper and how people can connect to the Holy Spirit.  We discover that the more we die to self and the desire to promote our voice or name, God is able to take honor and glory. The whole gathering is in the same spirit. We don’t announce who are the speakers not because we don’t have speakers, but we don’t want people come because of the speakers. They would come because God told them to come. We respect everyone’s anointing mantle, as much as we respect anointing, and give it back to the Lord so that God can do whatever HE wants.

We worship until God releases us. It doesn’t matter if it’s half an hour, an hour or two hours, maybe the whole time or ten minutes.  It doesn’t matter, the only thing matters is our spirit is sensitive. Under the process of learning, We may make mistakes under the process of learning, but we learn how to follow the Holy Spirit. We prepare ourselves and the Holy Spirit will help us.

There’ll be different musicians and singers, we seek the Lord to know whom the Lord wants to use for each session. The Lord may ask you to be part of this session or He doesn’t ask you for any of the sessions. The Lord will speak to you which part He wants you to participate. What we do is not rather or not we able to serve but is an obedience. When He tells you to come up here, its the time we bring our offering. When we begin to walk in this, God takes honor and glory. Very quickly, the Holy Spirit will come close to us. Our heart is not only how we lead worship, but that everyone comes close to God.

You have gifts, that’s why we asked you to come to this meeting. Gifts are precious and that’s why you have these gifts. As Lord entrusts us with these gifts, we’re to allow Him to use them according to His will.  If He releases you to come, it’s a blessing, if He doesn’t release you to come, it’s also a blessing because all the blessings are from your obedience. We want to honor the Lord with the gifts He wants you to serve this time.

This would be a different experience, because most of the gifted artists are used to certain ways of expressions, and sometimes it may include self promotion. But in our hearts, we come as a symphony, every instrument is precious, nobody can take or claim it’s because of him. The outcome is from everybody’s effort, so the Lord takes honor.

The gathering is in June, the pre-gathering is in March in Kao Shuang. The purpose of the pre-gathering is to prepare ourselves and the team, and not just training only. It allows us to get to know one another, to worship together, and to flow together. This is a place to practice being a team and walking together. While we’re practicing, people will feel relaxed as they find their way into the presence of the Lord.

Both the pre- gathering and the gathering will be accompanied by a worship dance worship team allowing expressions in movements and dance. One of the things we want to convey is worship is not limited to music and instruments as there are many other ways to worship.  A part of the team is French Canadians whom have walked with us for 12 years in Canada, and the last few years in the Chinese world.

If you are feeling the Lord is releasing you to serve with us, we will give you some worship CD and video clips from which you can listen to the flow of the Holy Spirit that can help you know what we are talking about. If possible, let us know soon…we are one family. I feel the Lord is connecting us in a wider body. If the Lord releases you, it’s a blessing to us.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for every group. Thank you for the gifts you’ve given us, because all perfect gifts are from you. Lord I ask for clarity, that you speak to brothers and sisters what you want from them. Their heart is to serve you. Lord I ask you to reveal to them if this is part of your plan. Pls. speak to your servants. I also ask for  your protection and covering over them. When they walk out of this room, they can feel your hand over them and your face shine upon them. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!