Regional Stories

When I hear the term “Greater China”, these are things that come to my mind: Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau; division and reunion; suffering from wars and pain of separation; broken dreams as well as unceasing controversies. Also, I could easily come up with a list of common descriptions: internal and external national unrest, warhorses and spears, natural disasters and man-made hazards, wandering and drifting, military defenses, vigorous life cycle, peace development, and atmosphere of revival… [ read more ]

Pastor David Demian began his journey in Asia since 2001. He made Taiwan his first stop and started sharing with us messages of reconciliation and unity. He urged us to seek the Lord for the destiny of Taiwan. Pastors from the North to the South of Taiwan responded. Under the leadership of Pastor Nathaniel Chow, a group of pastors started a journey, began to call for gatherings in different cities, and started to witness confession, repentance, forgiveness and healing wherever they go … [ read more ]

Macau is a significant landmark in the modern history of China. She has always been a gateway city where East and West blend or clash. It also embodies the first footprint of Christianity in China and signifies its advancement on this land. In His appointed time, Macau opened the gate for the King of Glory and prepared a way for the Gospel in China … [ read more ]

Having lived overseas for a long time, we still remain very Chinese, which is evidently reflected in the dialect we speak, the food we eat, the newspaper we read, even the TV channel we watch. Though our kids may go to Chinese school weekly, they still prefer to speak the local language in order to be identified with the locals. Many of them would not accept the fact that they are Chinese until they get to college … [ read more ]

(繁體中文) 神誠然在我們當中行了大事,我們歡喜,如同作夢的人 (詩126:1-3) 。是因為我們愛祂、尊祂為王;我們聽祂、順服祂;我們相愛、合一令祂喜悅,所以神樂意將祂同在的榮耀降在我們當中 … [ 详细内容 ]

(繁體中文) 5/25-28/2012在Allentown, PA的「家人同行」,第一天下午天空中就以極大的雨後彩虹作開始,許多人在來的路上就看到了,有人看到一道,有人還看到兩道,而且都紛紛拍了照片。星期一中午結束,接著來的是Beryl颱風。星期天半夜登陸Florida,星期一為Georgia的乾旱帶來豪雨,星期二抵達北卡,也影響到紐約,Esther Chua的飛机還被延到星期三才飛。Beryl颱風並不大,卻創下了百年記錄-… [ 詳細內容 ]

Dear Family,

Here is an update on what has been happening in Singapore.. [ read more ]

With a joyful heart ,we have been reflecting the journey here.

Malaysian walk with the Canadians fathers started in Nov 2005 with at least 80 fathers & mothers in our land gathered together for the 1st Fathers’ Retreat.

Malaysia’s journey with Family Journey ASIA started since 2010 & so amazingly God is truly speeding up , blooming many relationship. [ read more ]