Letter from Home 8/8/2012:

The Lord has done great things for us & we are filled with joy. We were like those who dreamed. (Ps. 126:1-3) Because we love Him & honor Him as King, because we listen & obey, because our unity & love for each other pleases Him, so He is pleased to bring the glory of His presence in our midst.

God did above & beyond our imagination: (1) For the first time, the fathers of the five major Chinese house church movements in China publicly declared they are now ONE family! This allowed for God’s government to be established & prepared the way for alignment with the nations. (2) For the first time, 2 generations of leaders of the Church in China stood publicly on stage, declaring the time has come for His
Kingdom to come upon China! (3) Chuck Pierce & Bill Johnson represented the western church to present a key to the Chinese fathers, declaring the transfer of spiritual authority from the United States & the western church to the Chinese church. This is not because they have failed. They have played their part & now it’s time for the Chinese church to take the lead with the nations following & supporting her, just like
the Canadian geese who take turns leading the flock when they fly together in an arrowhead formation. (4) The greater Chinese church which includes mainland China, Taiwan, HongKong, Macau & overseas Chinese received the key together. They received God’s calling & ommission & expressed gratitude for the sacrifice & bloodshed of the western church in bringing the gospel to China.

The nations were one family as we cried & laughed together. God was in our midst! We jumped & danced & worshipped with all our might, enthroning Him as King! Huge blue balloons with the earth painted on them were suddenly released from the dancers. They were passed around amidst shouts of joy & bounced throughout the 16,000 packed arena! We were like children, & truly we are Father’s adorable kids! Our orphan hearts healed, our mouths were filled with laughter & our tongues with singing as we worshipped with abandonment before our heavenly Father. The heavens were open, & the angels & past saints joined our celebration!

This is a historical moment & global in scope. God is doing great things with great speed. It’s like a newly planted seed suddenly becoming a fruitbearing tree! Those who understand watch in awe. Those who don’t fully understand are still deeply stirred in the spirit. God has been preparing all along, but suddenly the fulfillment comes. It is like the outpouring of the Spirit at the first Pentecost. The streets of Jerusalem showed no signs for it beforehand. It is also like when Jesus was born. The wise men had already come from the east to seek Him , but the local Jewish community still had no idea at all. But we are so privileged to witness all this before our eyes, we truly are like those who dreamed.

A big tree grows from a small tree, & a small tree grows from a seed where the core DNA is stored. The whole homecoming journey is not just a conference, but it is something organic that grew with a great price. (1) The spiritual oneness came from over 10 years of walking together as family. (2) What was needed was the critical mass, the remnant who truly seeks after the Father’s heart , like the 10 righteous that could have saved Sodom, or the 120 in Mark’s upper room, or Jehoash & Elisha who determined the outcome of the battles with the Arameans in the prophet’s room. (2Kings 13: 15-19) (3) The weapon of spiritual victory is love & covenant relationship. Each person unselfishly gives his
best & only follows the conductor, as in an orchestra. Each person aligns himself with God & the nations! (4) We were set free from division, jealousy & competition because there were fathers in God’s house & so order was established. As we walked with the fathers, we were genuinely loved, accepted, embraced, so that our orphan hearts were healed & we could in turn love & covenant with others & honor the fathers. Heavenly Father is so delighted that He loves to live with us. (5) Also, we come when He calls us. We come not for speakers or anointings or to do something for God. But because we long for Him, we pay any price to come to listen & obey with childlike simplicity. So heavenly Father appears & we enjoy Him.

As I reflected on the DNA of this huge Hongkong Homecoming tree that grew so suddenly, I realized: God’s family is in need of fathers & not hired workers! The father’s heart is more important than all kinds of anointed ministries! We have finally matured, & so Father’s heart & our hearts have all found rest. No wonder we laugh & cry & worship like crazy!We rejoice & we rejoice because He is rejoicing! His Kingdom has come upon us & His kingdom is not a matter of eating & drinking & rules & traditions, but of righteousness, peace & joy in the Holy Spirit! (Rom.14:17)

The Kingdom of Heaven is like someone looking for precious pearls. When I went to Korea, Singapore, Columbia in admiration of people’s success, I was still lost in the kingdom of man! Now I’ve finally understood: God’s Kingdom is God’s family, God’s heart. This is the original DNA, our ultimate goal! So let’s bring the Kingdom of God back – into our hearts, our homes, our church & our workplace!…………

Abba Father, we have all come home now & returned to your heart. The older brother has also joined the party, a fit ending to Luke 15. Dad is laughing because the children have finally matured & know His heart. Let’s go in and have fun with Dad and the rest of the family!And invite the whole world to join us!…When the LORD brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy…..

(The End).