In the Father’s house,
Even mistakes could be anointed.
If we hold the right attitude,
How precious would each imperfection become?
And how important would every weakness be.

In the worldly environment of severe competition,
Mistakes will bring criticism and scolding.
But in the family,
Even mistakes or imperfection are necessary,
For acceptance brings secureness.

On our way home,
There’s this new grace and breakthrough,
That is,
The homemade touch which we need.
The secret of it is: imperfection + love.

We insist on choosing love,
For it has become our worship.
This anointing of worship,
It doesn’t differentiate between on-stage, off-stage;
Before, or after the gathering.
The homemade touch is what the Father persists,
It spreads out His thick love and laughter.
I now see tens of thousands of people being draw near;
After all, we’re just hungry.

This is our kitchen,
The washing of the vegetables,
The noise of the cooking and stir-frying,
And also the outburst of laughter.
The kitchen cannot stay too clean because of its busyness,
But it is where the heartbeat’s at in the family.

The sound of the father and mother,
The singing of the sister is here.
Brothers are arranging the bowls and chopsticks,
The kids are laughing merrily.
But these are the heavenly melodies,
For it is the Abba Father’s kitchen.

Once in a while,
You will see the Father having His apron tied on,
Crying aloud,

“It’s time for meal!”

From Tainan Ps Joe Yeh…